Little Blue Truck Singable Story

Hello everybody!

So far 2016 has been a whirlwind and we have already completed our first five-week session of Listen & Learn for Little Ones. This session we tried something a little different by splitting our little ones into two groups based on ages and development. We were all very excited to see how the parents and little ones would adjust to the change. As it turns out, they loved it!

What was most amazing is that the little ones who used to be reserved and quiet were coming out of their shells and participating throughout group in ways that they never had before. The change was instantaneous.

In our very first week of classes with the split, I was leading the older class and it was wonderful chaos. The little ones were laughing, dancing, singing, and playing; that is, until I took out the book. Then the running, screaming, and jumping stopped as they all quietly gathered around and watched in awe as I read The Little Blue Truck. They watched and listened with intent until the little blue truck in our story got stuck in the mud and I watched as the kids cried “Oh, no!” “He’s stuck in the mud!” and shook their heads with deep concern.

The age split allowed us as instructors to focus on more specific developmental markers to that age range and encouraged each child to come out of his or her own space and truly experience the class. I don’t think a single one of us could keep from sharing in the joy that these little ones experienced in music class that day and throughout the session.