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Music Therapy

“What exactly is music therapy?” Even though music therapy has been an established profession since the 1950s, many people still haven’t heard of it or don’t know exactly what it means. The following information comes from the American Music Therapy Association:

What is it?

Who can benefit?


Direct Service Music Therapy

Music therapy typically takes place weekly at the Music Therapy Connections studio. Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.  Prior to beginning music therapy treatment, we talk with parents or caregivers to get a better understanding of the goals we will be addressing with the client. At this time, the caregiver (and client) can share music preferences and favorite activities so that our time together is as effective and enjoyable as possible. Each therapy session is tailored to the client’s (or group’s) specific needs and unique abilities.

Consultative Music Therapy

Music Therapy Connections now offers consultative services to clients all over the United States. Music therapy consultation consists of strategies, resources, music and materials to teachers, parents, therapists and others who work with children or young adults who can benefit from music therapy. Consultative services are based on the unique needs, and are personalized to address the goals and objectives being addressed in other environments.

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