Ukulele in Early Childhood Class

Hello Again!

This week I had the amazing and nerve-wrecking opportunity to go out on my own and do a classroom outreach presentation at a local preschool. I went to six classes throughout the course of the day, presenting multiple instruments and providing the opportunity to participate in a musical experience.

When Rachel and Katey introduced the idea to me, I was nervous but I knew that I could do it and that it would be a great experience so I hesitantly agreed. I had plenty of time to prep my music and run it by both supervisors before heading out on my first event completely solo. When I sat in front of the first classroom I was very nervous but my nerves quickly subsided as my focus set in and before I knew it, four hours had passed and the event was over.

I enjoyed the event, but what was most amazing was the confidence I felt going into my regularly scheduled sessions and groups afterward. Doing a preschool presentation completely solo was the most affirming experience I have had thus far. In the following days I found myself making more decisions and giving more input in sessions than I usually would. For instance:

 We began our Listen & Learn for Little Ones classes again this week and with it being the first class back we would usually expect little participation and much hesitance on the part of the “little ones”, but not this week! Everyone was very excited, so excited in fact that when we began playing the ukulele song for a cool down almost everyone surrounded Katey reaching for the ukulele wanting so desperately to play. Before Tuesday I would have continued to allow my supervisor to lead without question, but with my new found confidence I decided to take the initiative to go get a second ukulele to assist her. This decision proved very helpful after all and now I am very glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone.

So, my words of wisdom for other interns out there are: if you’re asked to do something new and it scares you — do it anyway! Seek guidance when appropriate but don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, because you never know when you will have a turning point.

Be brave, my fellow interns, and have a wonderful week!