Alisabeth Leading Music Class

Hello and welcome back to the intern’s corner!

These last two weeks were full of affirming moments. The type of moments that make you say “this is what I’m meant to be doing!” Whether it was watching a child learning how to conduct and waving their hands in tremendous gesture in our exploratory music class, or when a client who is not usually very expressive shows concern for my well being. Or even this story, which is my favorite of all:

We have been working on a cross-generational duet with a grandmother and her granddaughter. When working through the granddaughters part alone her teacher mentioned that it is important to keep going even if you make a mistake because then the duo will stay together. When we brought both parts together, the granddaughter’s ideal tempo for this piece was a bit faster than her grandmother had originally intended. They were doing very well until the grandmother stopped in the middle of the piece. It was in that moment that the granddaughter pulled her hands off the piano and into the air and said:

“Grandma, you have to keep going!”

There was one short moment of silence before all four of us began laughing. It was the kind of laughter you have with family, the one that makes your day that much brighter.

These moments I have had with students have made me feel so grateful that I chose the career I did. Its the little moments that make it so rewarding.