“Sing With Me Love” – Sign Language Video

I love using sign language in our early childhood groups because it gives children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate and communicate in a meaningful way while learning new words and skills they can use at home. 

In the video below you can learn and practice the sign language to my song, “Sing With Me Love.”  Along with providing opportunities for parent/child bonding, children learn the sign language for  family members (mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, and grandpa).  “Sing With Me Love” is featured in our Facilitator Package 3 and in the “Bonding” mini-pack

One of my favorite apps for learning new sign language is “ASL Dictionary American”.  This app shows you the sign language for individual words using videos that you can slow down and replay as many times as you need.

Note:  I am by no means a sign language expert. After reviewing the video I posted, the I found that I accidentally used the sign for “my” instead of “me” when signing the first two parts of the video.  I corrected this in the later parts of the video, including the full sing through at the end of the video.