Happy New Year all! While everyone was celebrating the end of 2021, I was also celebrating the beginning of my 23rd year! A lot of change happens for me this time of year both my birthday and New Years. This often leads to much self reflection. This last week during my internship I reflected on the time times I felt confident in myself and the time I did not. I wanted to discover what makes me feel confident in myself.

Reflecting on the times I felt confident in myself I found that I felt:

  • Comfortable
  • In Control
  • Natural
  • Calm
  • I don’t over think
  • Decision making is quicker and easier
  • Small mistakes don’t affect me

Additionally, when I reflected on the times I did not feel confident in myself found I felt:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Awkward
  • On Edge
  • I over think
  • I make slower decisions
  • Small mistakes get to me

I find myself often getting frustrated with myself that I can’t always feel confident in myself. I thought that the difference between the two was not having fear. However, upon contemplation, I realized that the difference between the two wasn’t having no fear, but having trust in myself.

What is Self Trust to Me?

Self trust to me is looking at a situation, knowing what to do, and actions on it with out questioning myself. Additionally, it self trust is the ability to going into sessions feeling comfortable that I know what I am doing and that I know the music.

This year I want to focus on trusting myself. I will be finishing my internship, taking the CBMT exam, and starting my job search. Self trust is necessary for these important events I have coming up this year. I need to have trust in my abilities and knowledge. In turn, I’ll feel much more confident and comfortable in myself. I want spend my 23rd year and 2022 trusting and feeling like my most confident self.

I hope your 2022 is full of joy, success, and trust in yourself.