Many music therapists make use of song rewrites of familiar songs with clients. In honor of the Holiday season and my 12th blog post, I decided to do a rewrite of the 12 Days of Christmas based on my internship experience. I give you: The 12 Days of Christmas at MTC!

On the first day of Christmas at MTC…

I Practiced One Piano Piece

I have been working on my piano skills lately, particularly practicing Silent Night.

I Read Two Singable Stories

We make use of singable stories during Listen and Learn sessions and our sessions at the Hope School.

I Talked with Three Supervisors

I work directly with three music therapists at MTC: Katey, Molly and Emma.

I Went to Four Contract Site

With the MTC music therapists, I go to four contract sites to conduct music therapy sessions: St. John’s Children’s Hospital, The Hope School, SPARC and Concordia Senior Services.

I Wrote Five Session Notes

After each session, we write sessions notes based on what happened during the session and the client’s goals and objectives.

I Strummed Six Guitar Strings

The guitar is the instrument that I use the most on a daily basis when working with clients.

I Sang Seven Listen and Learn Song

I have learned many Listen and Learn songs that I use during Listen and Learn sessions, at the Hope School and with patients at St, John’s Children’s Hospital.

I Played Eight Colorful Chimes

We use a set of eight chimes with one of the clients we see at MTC and many of the patients at St. John’s Children’s Hospital.

I Made Nine Garageband Songs

As an intern, I am required to do weekly assignments. For these weekly assignments I have written nine songs and made recordings of them on Garageband.

I Shook Ten Egg Shakers

I’ve found that giving clients instruments, particularly shakers are a great way to encourage participation!

I Lead Eleven Interventions

I’m not quite leading full sessions yet, but I lead many music therapy interventions a week with our clients during sessions.

I Wrote Twelve Blog Posts

Another one of my internship assignments is creating weekly blog posts. I have now written 12 Intern’s Corner blog posts!

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Christmas at MTC!