{Application of the Week} Learning Your Address with Count On Me

This week, we’re shaking things up with a song that can be used with individuals who are working on identifying and communicating helpful information about themselves.

Using the tune from Bruno Mars’ popular song “Count on Me”, the adapted lyrics teach situational problem solving, as well as utilizes the natural pause in the song to prompt the client to communicate his or her address in a fun way!

Possible Goals Addressed:

  • Address identification
  • Augmentative/adaptive communication device navigation
  • Verbalization

Music used:

Mars, B., Lawrence, P., & Levine, A. (2011). You can count on me [recorded by Bruno Mars]. On Doo-Wops & Hooligans [CD]. Los Angeles, California: Larrabee Recording Studios.

Materials needed:

Print out of adapted lyrics (with client’s address)
Accompaniment instrument of choice


The music therapist will sing the adapted version of the song “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. When mentioned in the song lyrics, the therapist will prompt the client to state his or her address.

Additional considerations can include:

  • The use of a traditional  pick or oversized pick
  • Utilizing hand over hand prompting, partial physical prompting or limited prompting
  • The client’s appropriate range of motion
  • Utilizing certain fingers, certain hands, or both hands


Verse 1

If you ever find yourself lost and you don’t know where to be
Just rem-e-ember
Your address

If you ever forget just how to find your street
Just rem-e-ember
Your address


[Client] get ready,
Tell me, where do you live?


[Centre W Dr,]
[Springfield, IL 62704]

Oh yea

Ooohh, oooh, yea, yeah yea