This week has been an eventful one at Music Therapy Connections! One of the most exciting parts of this week happened when I had the opportunity to share a presentation with a local women’s fellowship group.

They were so welcoming, kind, and very intrigued by music therapy. I had the pleasure speaking with them and sharing a little bit of what do as music therapists! They asked questions, we sang, played instruments, and laughed together over the course of my time with them.

My favorite questions of the night were…

  • Do you have to be musically inclined to receive music therapy? No, that is my job as the therapist! The benefits of music therapy are available to anyone, regardless of musical background.
  • Do you work with people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease? Absolutely! For more information on how we support neurologic engagement, memory recall and more click here.
  • Are your services covered by insurance? Many states offer a waiver for music therapy services; the state of Illinois does not at this time. Because of that, we keep our fees affordable (about the cost of a co-pay) so that those who are interested in services can absolutely pursue them!

This event, and others like it, are a vital part of what we do at Music Therapy Connections.

I think our team would agree that we became music therapists to help others, share music, and share moments. We know that what we do is so important for the nearly 200 people that receive our music therapy services from week to week, and showing our community what we do, how we do it, and answering any questions they have is the foundation to sharing our services with even more individuals!

We know that beyond anything else, we must invest time and care into our community for the business we love to grow and flourish. We have the deepest appreciation for our Music Therapy Connections community, Central Illinois community, and our online community.

Thank you to you all!

Do you know a group that would be interested in hosting a music therapist as a presenter? Do you have any questions yourself? We would love to speak with you; please email us at