I had originally planned to write about something entirely different… until I woke up this morning.

I heard the news about the tragedy in Las Vegas and my heart broke. After seeing the news on my phone, I noticed the time and that I had to leave soon. I made my tea and left for the gym as I always do on Mondays. I started on the treadmill, eyes glued to the live coverage in front of me. When my time was up at 8:30, I left for work.

As most of us do, I felt stoic, overwhelmed, and deeply saddened by the happenings in Vegas but when I arrived at my first classroom, my first set of clients, my first room of people we made music together. It was fun; we laughed, redirected behavior, and laughed some more.

Then at the end of that session, an adult and fellow professional in the room simply said “thank you for music”. That was it. What can I do? I can make more music. I need to make more music.

For clients and students- we will still make music

For celebrations and festivals- we will still make music

For lullabies to a newborn- we will still make music

For weddings and love- we will still make music

For memories, dancing, and joy- we will still make music

In the face of tragedy- we will still make music

Not because we should, but because we must.