Music Therapy Internship in Springfield, IL

I love that the title of this post sounds eerily like an old holiday movie. When I was in our supervision meeting last Thursday it just came to me, mostly because this week we are spending our time at the office finalizing all of our preparations for our new intern!

We all get excited when we are welcoming a new intern, but for me it all feels a bit different because I was the first intern at Music Therapy Connections. I’ve been right there in each new intern’s shoes.

I remember my internship orientation day very clearly. I was excited, very nervous, and undecided as to which emotion I identified with more from minute to minute. My palms were sweaty as Rachel, Katey, and I sorted through all of the orientation material and formalities. Of course we finalized our first day with a Starbucks run (because let’s be honest, everything is better with Starbucks.)

And as I sat at this teeny tiny circular table that wobbled back and forth exposing the sun from the umbrella before tucking it away again Katey turned to me and asked “What are your goals for yourself by the end of your internship? Where do you want to be?”

Music Therapy Internship in Springfield, IL

And just like that, with the snap of a finger, it was over. Six (at the time, long) months had passed and I had done it. I had graduated, passed my certification, and achieved my younger self’s dream of becoming Alisabeth Hopper, MT-BC. I was my own superhero.

Now I’m preparing to start this process again with Rachel, Katey, again but in a very different role. I will be sitting on the other side of the table. I have many hopes for our new intern as her great potential is evident to all of us. More than anything, I am hopeful that these six months will be as growth-filled, life-changing, and light-giving as they were for me.

Music Therapy Internship in Springfield, IL

As for the future, I’m not sure exactly what that looks like right now. But I’m pretty sure there will be more interns to come and more journeys to be had.

Until then,