Hello all!

Here at MTC we have had a wonderful year! We are always so warmed by the positive thoughts and support we receive from the community and our amazing students! Im sure that many of you, like us here at the office are taking up a new years resolution. If your wondering how you can start a resolution that helps you grow musically, we have three tips below!

3 Musical resolutions you can actually keep!

  1. Practice more. Increase your practice time by five minutes or vow to practice every time you walk by the piano or guitar. Pick it up, play that chord you’ve been struggling with and put it back down. That simple resolution could increase your practice time by 30 minutes a week easily!
  2. Play more music you love. If you, like many students are using a book to learn, consider looking for songs you can play or sing that you really love! All of my students have a warm up song. This is our first song sung every week and not only does it help them to warm up but it gets them in great spirits because they get to sing or play a fun song that they enjoy.
  3. Specific goals like… learn a new chord every week, or learn a new song every week. The best way to keep these resolutions is by talking to your teacher and collaborating on how to have them hold you accountable.

The most important part of new years resolutions is to NEVER. GIVE. UP. If you forget to practice or get behind on your goal, know that you can ALWAYS pick it back up. We are all learning and growing. From all of us here at MTC have a happy 2017!