My favorite aspect about my internship is the fact that I get to experience music therapy in a wide variety of settings and I get to work with many different people. Since I work in so many settings, it allows me to explore my interests and consider what setting I might like to work in as a professional. I’m really blessed in this way because I know some other internships only focus on one type of music therapy in one type of setting.

While wrapping up my week twelve of my internship (!!), I’ve had time to reflect on all of sessions that occurred at all the different settings I work in throughout the week. After reflecting, I think it’s extremely important to be yourself as a therapist, no matter the setting. This is something that I’ve been really struggling to do these past few weeks.

I truly believe that you can remain professional while still being YOU. Doing this in a session can provide an environment that’s comforting and inviting for the client. The more the client is comfortable with you, the more they are willing to engage and share, which means that they might reach their goals and objectives better. I’m starting to realize that when you’re not yourself, it could potentially hinder parts of the therapeutic relationship and process.

Sometimes I get in my head too much, which may lead to overthinking and not allowing myself to completely be myself. During the upcoming weeks, I’m going to try my best and really focus on NOT overthinking, being in the moment, and creating that safe, engaging environment for each client that is essential for each client I see throughout the week. I’m  grateful that I’m figuring all of this out now, during my internship, so that it will not hinder my professional life as a music therapist.

It’s really important that you are yourself at all times. I strongly encourage you, especially if you’re still in school or beginning your internship, to do this right from the start! Also, don’t be afraid of being yourself either, in a professional way of course; It will help both you and the client immensely in every way possible.

Thanks for reading; I hope you have a great week!

Sammy Springer