Put simply an adaptive lesson is a lesson where an adaptation is necessary for the student to thrive in their lesson environment. Typically, we think of adaptive lessons as being directed to students with disabilities and diagnoses. Yes, we have students of all ages and abilities, and when we say all we mean all!

That being said, there are many students who may benefit from adaptive lessons who do not have a diagnosis, or may not have a lifelong diagnosis. The easiest way to think about this would be if a student wanted to learn piano, but was recovering from a severe hand injury, we would adapt the material provided so that the student is progressing regardless of the inability to use their hand.

You may be wondering… but, can’t any music teacher do this? What makes your lessons different? Well, it is true that there are many fantastic teachers out there. Our approach is a bit different in that we place our adaptive lessons with our music therapists! Our board certified music therapists have studied how music affects our brain, bodies, and how to apply it to induce a positive change. We have training in diagnoses and have an understanding of counseling skills. We can apply our non-musical training to any lesson to better help that child to succeed regardless of any other limiting factors.

We all carry around labels, positive or negative that affect how others see us, and how we see ourselves. But at lessons our students are students. With or without a diagnosis we are there to help them achieve their goals. Period.

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