I cannot believe we are almost in August that we have a new intern starting on Tuesday!!  My oh my, how time does fly. Both Rachel and I have had so much going on the past few months, on top of everything exciting happening at MTC, that we have felt a serious need to get back in touch with our mantra for this year: simplify, streamline, self-care

major goals

We developed our mantra in late December of last year and have been actively working toward all three aspects.  We’ve talked a lot about this mantra and ways we’ve been working toward those goals in several blog posts I’ve linked to below.  Simplifying and Streamlining have been huge and exciting areas of focus and things we talk about almost daily as we continue to grow our team and expand our services.  But with all of the hustle to achieve those goals, self-care has sometimes taken a back seat.

We value our team members, student, clients, and families and want to be our best for them every day.  We also value our interns and understand that internship is a very stressful time and a huge transitional period from being a student to a practicing professional.

We want to lead by example.  Putting focus on and implementing our own self-care routines helps us to be our best selves in all we do.  It allows us to be more present, provide a positive example for those around us, stay balanced in work and in life, and simply be accountable. Self-care is a continual journey and something we really want to practice.  

Rachel and I spent time on Tuesday talking about the importance of self-care and sharing some of the ways we practice self-care in our live Facebook video.

As we continue this self-care journey and as Sammy begins her internship, we’d love to hear some of the ways your practice self-care and what helps you to find balance in your daily life. Looking for other ideas to jump start your self-care journey? Check out the other blog posts we’ve written on this topic:

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