3 Signs Your Child is Ready for Lessons

At Music Therapy Connections, we work with students of all ages and abilities. Based upon those things we can place a new student into the best situation for their growth, whether that be a class, lesson, or adaptive lesson. I think I can speak for our team when I say that it brings us great joy to know that we can provide services for the entire family — from newborns to grandparents!

Many parents want to know, how do you know when a child is ready for lessons? Here are three things we look for to find your young learner the best fit.

1. When it comes to both piano and guitar lessons, it is very important that a student can count to four, visually identify letters A through G, and preferably be able to identify their left hand from right. All of these are important foundational skills to build on in lessons.

2. For any kind of lesson it is important to ask, “Can my student be engaged with one activity for thirty minutes?” This can be a challenge for many four to six year olds beginning lessons.

3. Finally, we don’t usually begin guitar lessons until the age of at least seven. Why? Well, unlike with piano, a new learner needs to have large enough hands to be able to form chords with proper technique so that they don’t injure themselves. Guitar can also test a new student’s patience as it can even be painful when first beginning. For our future guitarists under the age of seven, we recommend starting with piano and growing a nice framework of knowledge to build on later.

In general, if a child is still growing in one of these areas or has additional needs, we would consider their lessons adaptive. This is because we are adapting our approach, creating different materials, and utilizing multiple mediums to provide them with the best lesson experience possible, regardless of their prior knowledge and experience.

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