Last fall, we began increasing the number of early childhood classes we offer.  We split the classes into age groups but also offer groups with mixed ages.  Though we use the same curriculum across all of the classes in one session, you will find that every group is just a little different.  Each class has it’s own unique mix of participants that make it a little different from any other group even if other groups have the same ages, genders, etc.


This means ADAPTING and often on the fly.  I, personally, teach both our Wednesday and Thursday night classes.  Though I use the same materials for both classes, the presentation looks a little different each night.  My Wednesday night class tends to be a little more active so I change the order of songs slightly, create additional verses for our movement songs, and ask more questions of group members.  My Thursday night class is often more reserved and will sit for a long stretch of time.  I use this to my advantage and take a longer time reading our book or singing our counting songs.

I LOVE all of the material we create and like to use them with my individual students and clients as well, adapting them even more as we go.  Our newest book, “Counting Through the Seasons” was initially developed for our early childhood classes though all of our therapists have now adapted the songs to work on a variety of goals.  In our newest “extra” going out to our VIP members and being added to the “Counting Through the Seasons” download, I describe 9 ways our seasonal counting songs can be adapted to work on goals aside from counting to five and how they can be changed to fit multiple seasons.

The price of the book (“Counting Through the Seasons”) will increase on Friday, June 10th.

 Be sure to download your copy at a discounted price today!