Fostering Artistry Within Yourself

I often use words like fostering, supporting, and the big one — facilitating — when discussing the purposes of Music Therapy and how music can be therapeutic. I work alongside our clients to support them in growth and achievement of their goals and consider the environment, instruments used, methods applied, music played and assimilate them into one experience. I invest in them so that they will succeed. But it occurred to me the other day: when am I investing in myself, and is it enough?

The simple answer was rarely, and no.

Now, I am not talking about your standard self-care plan, which usually consists of exercising, watching a movie, or going to bed an hour early just because. Though these things are important, I am talking about the other side of self-care: artistry.

You are an artist. Say it with me: I am an artist. If you chose a profession in music, you did it for a reason. This realization hit me like a ton of bricks, but then something amazing happened: “You know what, I AM an artist.” It was in that moment that I realized that I had been neglecting my passion for music. I chose then and there to set aside five minutes every day to play one song that I love, or write, or something that was just for me that was far far far away from “Old MacDonald”.

I took this time to facilitate artistry in myself, I provided an environment, chose instruments, applied methods, and played music which seamlessly assimilated into one experience.

How are fostering artistry within yourself?