Over the past few months, we have been truly blessed to have Shelbi Baker helping us out at Music Therapy Connections.


Shelbi approached us in the early fall to ask if we were hiring an administrative assistant.  At that point, we hadn’t even thought about it.  Shelbi asked for a position that didn’t exist and we created it. She helped us realize that we really did need the help!  Since then, she’s been coming into the office once or twice a week to help with all of the behind the scenes activities that take place and we are soooo grateful for all of the help she provided!

2015-10-09 17.22.03

Shelbi saved Rachel and I numerous hours creating packets, burning CD’s, prepping materials, emailing families, scheduling lessons, communicating with teachers, and more.

We are deeply saddened that this is Shelbi’s last week at MTC but are thrilled that she will be moving on to an exciting new adventure working full time in her field in St. Louis.

Congrats Shelbi!! We’ll Miss YOU!