Ever wonder what it takes to prep and clean up an early child hood group?  The short time-lapse video at the end of this post shows exactly what I do before and after a class!

Each Listen & Learn Class requires a little effort to set-up and tear down.  In our recent post “little details, big difference”, I outlined some of the small things we do to make our space more comfortable for the families we work with each week. On top of those small amenities we bring (hand sanitizer, a rug, tissues, etc), we carry instruments, binders, a book, and a guitar to and from our sessions.  At the end of the session, everything gets packed up, taken to the other room, cleaned, and put away.  This setup and cleanup generally takes about an extra 10 minutes before and after the session, making the total time for a class just over an hour. 

Enjoy this short video!!