Songs for Motor Movement


Introducing Songs for Motor Movement. This versatile collection of 18 favorite movement songs (including facilitation guides, lyrics/chords, mp3s and demonstration videos) can be adapted to meet the fine and gross motor needs of children in both individual and group settings.

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Our board-certified music therapists at Music Therapy Connections have acquired a collection of favorite interventions and songs focusing on motor skills, and we want to share that collection with you!

These songs are versatile because they can be implemented with no additional materials, and are easily adapted from one individual or group to the next to best meet participants’ needs.

Songs for Motor Movement includes the lyrics, chords and mp3 files for 18 songs, as well as a detailed breakdown of application ideas for every song listing goals, procedures, and possible adaptations. We have also created demonstration videos to show you the movements for each song.

The songs in this movement pack are perfect for use with a rambunctious preschool music class, an individual with behavioral goals, or a client who is resistant to trying instruments or movement props.

1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive
2. 10 Little Fingers
3. Bouncing Everywhere
4. Caterpillar Walks Around
5. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
6. I Like to Clap
7. In A Circle
8. Itsy Bitsy Spider
9. Move Your Body Along
10. Namaste
11. On Our Trip to the Mountains
12. Open, Shut Them
13. Ready, Set, Wait!
14. Roll A Snowball
15. Skidamarink
16. Sway Like a Tree
17. Swimming in the Sea
18. Wiggle In My Feet

These songs have been compiled to address a variety of needs and ages, including those of an early childhood group, school-aged children with special needs, and more.