Transitions are something we address often. In our Listen & Learn classes and music therapy sessions, we often start with a hello song and end with goodbye to help with these transitions. We also make spaces in between songs short and sweet as we quickly move on to the next thing. But what about the time spent getting to and from the session/class room?

Transitioning to and from the session or class space can sometimes be the most difficult part of music time for young ones. I often meet my clients and students out in the waiting area and bring them back to their room, but for some children this is a struggle. At my daycare contract, I need to go from room to room to gather students ages 1-5 and bring them to the music space. As one could imagine, this can be a challenge.

I have found that incorporating a fun song that also provides directions on our walk to and from our music space is extremely helpful. Here are some of my favorites:

We All Will Sing Together by Rachel Rambach

This song is so versatile! You can easily change one word and it becomes fitting for a variety of situations. In this case, I change the word “sing” to “walk”.

At the daycare, I encourage the younger groups to hold onto a stretchy band, and we sing this song on our way to music. I also use this one with some of my individuals. With one-on-ones, I switch up the actions to ones I know they respond well to. This gives them incentive and encouragement to make our way down to the session space.

Put Your Finger On the Wall

This one is to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know it”, so the students catch on quickly and start singing with you. I’m not sure who adapted the lyrics to this song, but they sure are a genius! The song goes like this:

Put your finger on the wall, on the wall

Put your finger on the wall, on the wall

Put your finger on the wall as you’re walking down the hall

Put your finger on the wall, on the wall

This song has been a LIFESAVER for my 3-5 year olds at the daycare. They are a bit older, so giving them that independence of walking without holding onto a rope or stretchy band is wonderful. They all sing this song nice and strong as we walk down the long hallway to get to music. 

These two songs are my go-to for transitions to and from the music making space. What songs or strategies do you use in these situations?