I’m sure all of you have seen or heard about the movie that is all the rage nowadays: Frozen 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. If you haven’t heard the music, listen to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and I couldn’t help but get some inspiration from the amazing music for future music therapy interventions.

The movie is full of great music, but the biggest song is definitely “Into the Unknown”. At this point in the movie, Elsa is deciding if she should follow the voice she is hearing. After listening to this song over and over again (yes, it’s that good) I thought of an instrument based intervention.


  • Improve ability to follow directions
  • Increase gross motor skills
  • Improve impulse control
  • Increase understanding of loud vs soft


  • Drums
  • Guitar (optional)


  1. Pass out a variety of drums to the participant(s).
  2. Demonstrate how to play loudly and softly.
  3. Explain that we will need to listen carefully throughout the song. When you hear the distant voice singing “ah-ah” (at the beginning of each verse), play quietly. When you hear the lyrics “into the unknown” (chorus) play loudly.
  4. When singing and playing (either accompaniment on guitar or drums), give verbal and gestural directions as needed.


  • If appropriate, use the recording of the song and play along with the participant(s).
  • Provide directions verbally and through gestures to encourage participant(s) to gradually get louder throughout the verse, building to the chorus.
  • Use this song as a conversation starter. Discuss with the participant(s) that it can be difficult to try new things. Encourage them to identify one new thing they would like to try.

I love this song and am looking forward to using it in my sessions. Are you using any Frozen 2 repertoire? How are you using it in your sessions?