“Into the Unknown” – Drumming Intervention

I’m sure all of you have seen or heard about the movie that is all the rage nowadays: Frozen 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. If you haven’t heard the music, listen to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and I couldn’t help but get some inspiration from the amazing music for future music therapy interventions.


Enthusiasm and Energy During Music Time: Tips On How to Have an Orderly Session Without Diminishing Their Excitement

Some kiddos arrive to their session full of pep and raring to go! I often think to myself, “Wow, I wish I had half the energy of this child.” Here at Music Therapy Connections, I work with a lot of students and clients between the ages of 3-7 years old in individual and group settings. This age seems to bring a lot of energy, as well as joy and excitement for music!

Along with this enthusiasm often comes difficulty listening and following directions. This can lead to some not ideal, and even dangerous, situations. Thus, I have come to discover some effective ways to channel this energy into listening, respecting other participants, and following directions.


How I Discovered Music Therapy

Some students know what they want to do when they grow up from a young age. Me? I had no clue.

As a kid, my ambitions for a future career ranged from nanny to teacher to dolphin trainer (I know, quite the variety). By the time I actually needed to decide on a degree route when applying for colleges, I still was not sure what I wanted to do. How I discovered music therapy was by no means miraculous, but I still think it was pretty special.