Pre-Lesson Class - Piano Play!

Music Therapy Connections’ Listen & Learn Into Lessons: Pre-Lesson Preparatory Series, for ages 4-7, recently finished its first session, and the outcome was remarkable! Interest was soaring and we ended up needing to open a second section!

During this first session, titled Piano Play!, students listened to, participated in, and sang 8 original songs while learning about a multitude of information to prepare them for 1:1 piano lessons. They played on keyboards and wiggled with delight as each skill became easier to accomplish!

All goals were met as students discovered:

  • melody vs. harmony
  • low, middle, and high sounds in music
  • the musical alphabet
  • the low, middle, and high parts of the keyboard
  • piano fingers and finger bracing.

Up next is Rhythm Time! This second session will provide students with a basic understanding of:

  • steady beat
  • counting patterns in music (3s & 4s)
  • basic rhythmic patterns
  • loud vs soft
  • rests -or- moments of silence
  • basic note values

They’ll again sing several original songs with some familiar ones incorporated as well. Be prepared to play on various drums and rhythm instruments, while dancing to the beat!

Pre-Lesson Class - Piano Play!

Are you unsure if your child is ready to attend piano lessons on their own? Does your child show some interest in music classes but might not be ready to participate in 1:1 instruction?

Register for Rhythm Time! to open your 4-7 year old to the next level of music exploration. Classes begin the week of July 16th. Both sections are filling up fast, so don’t wait too long!

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