Sign Language for Music Therapists

Last January, I began the journey of creating a thorough resource to take you from knowing no sign language to knowing over 100 signs, 8 songs, and practical advice for how to apply this knowledge every day in your practice. One year and two CMTE courses later, I believe that we have done it!

Functional Sign Language for Music Therapists | Sign Collage

Functional Sign Language for Music Therapists (3 CMTE credits) was built to give you a strong foundation in sign language. We start the process of understanding cultural considerations, exploring application and signing with songs, all while diving deep into building your sign dictionary. Each participant will learn over 100 signs! These signs are what I consider the must-have, go-to, can’t-go-without signs, and they are packaged up for you in one comprehensive course.

The Functional Sign Language Song Crate (3 CMTE credits) was the natural successor to the first course. In this course, we expand on cultural considerations and offer a variety of applications, goals, and objectives for varying clinical settings. The core content of this course teaches you how to sign to 8 different songs, and walks you through a tutorial on how to break down, learn, and sign any song!

Functional Sign Language for Music Therapists - Sign Collage

We are offering a discounted rate of 25% off when you register for both courses. The registration deadline is April 10, so register today here!

Once you register, you will have an entire year to complete the self-paced courses and receive credit, but you never lose access to the course materials! You can look to this course as a resource for years to come.