Hello again,

This week in our sign language video we’ll learn and sign the song “You Are My Sunshine”. I chose this song because it is a “back-pocket” song that almost everybody knows and shares, so why not have back-pocket signs for your back-pocket songs? This particular application of sign language in music therapy can be used to work toward goals such as…

  1. Increasing upper body strength and sustaining body weight
  2. Improving fine motor manipulation
  3. Increasing expression

   Many sign language songs can be used to work toward the same goals as well!

At the beginning of the video I also discussed why I don’t call our video ASL & Music, and the short answer is… because what I am doing is not ASL.

ASL is a language in and of itself. It has specific sentence structure which does not usually align with the english language. And because my clients goals are often focused around increasing speech and vocalization in the english language I want to use signs in that way that is simple, functional, and aligns with the structure of their spoken language.

If you have any questions or ideas for future sign language videos email me at alisabeth@musictherapyconnections.org.