As we wrap up another awesome week of music therapy at MTC, I wanted to tell you a little more about how we’ve been advocating for music therapy this week. If you follow our Facebook page, you’ve probably heard that it’s Illinois Music Therapy Week.  To celebrate, we are working even harder to put out the word about music therapy.

On a weekly basis, Rachel and I record live videos on Facebook with songs, resources, and ideas for music therapists, students, and teachers. This week we covered the topic of being an advocate by simply talking to anyone and everyone about music therapy and getting out in the community.

Whether it is the chatting with a cashier at Walgreen, informing the doctor in a hospital, answering your waitress’ question at lunch, speaking at a community event, having coffee with a friendly neighbor, etc, the more people you talk to about music therapy, the more word spreads and curiosity grows.  Think that for every one person you tell, they possibly tell another five, ten, or a dozen people.

We also challenged our intern, Sammy Springer, to share her own definition of music therapy and how she is becoming more of an advocate every day. She explains in her video the importance of having an elevator speech and being able to be concise in talking about music therapy.

On top of everything else this week, we had the incredible opportunity to be featured on our local news!  What says advocacy more than the words MUSIC THERAPY being said or shown on the local news multiple times!!!!  What a blessing and a joyful moment in our week.


We hope to see you advocating for music therapy and are always happy to answer any of your questions!  Happy Illinois Music Therapy Week!