The Best Time for Writing New Songs AND 3 Quick Tips to Help You Get Started

It’s that time again!!  We are in the process of putting together materials for our new music crate and class package.  That means new songs, new materials, and new stories are coming your way VERY SOON!!  I love creating new materials to share, but like everyone else I often struggle with the process of getting started.  That’s why I want to share 3 quick songwriting tips and reveal the best time for writing new songs.

Write It Down

1. Let It Flow – One of my favorite things to do when writing new material is simply write everything down or record it all! That means writing down or recording, with no filter, every single word that pops into my head in the moment. It may not be perfect on the first try, but I can almost guarantee at least a new idea, a good line, or an awesome melody will come from just getting letting go and letting it flow.

2. Ask the “w” questions – Ask yourself the who, what, when, where, why questions when your are writing or refining your song. Who is this for? Why am I writing this? What is the purpose?  By answering those questions, you can sometimes spark new ideas or stumble upon all new material.

3. Write it Now, Revise Later – If you are feeling unsure of your song or lyrics or feeling stuck, write something down. OR record something, anything. Then walk away.  Physically walk away and do anything else that will consume your mind and take you away from the song writing process. Come back with a clear head and try again.

So, when is the best time for writing new songs….??

NOW and whenever you feel any little spark of inspiration.  The more you write the easier it gets. The more ideas you have stored away, even in small, 5 second, snippets or single lines of lyrics, the more you have to pull from in the future.  My favorite song ideas often hit when I’m least expecting it so I quickly pull out the nearest piece of paper and write down the idea or open the voice memo app on my phone and make a quick recording or note to self that I can easily return to later.

I’d love to hear more of your ideas on what helps you create new content. What is your favorite time to write new songs? Do you have any tips to share on your songwriting process?