Using Music Teacher’s Helper

I’m excited to announce that as of June 2011, I will be fully utilizing an online software called Music Teacher’s Helper to streamline the way my studio is run. This will not only save both of us time, but it will also save lots of paper!

Each student’s family has its own username and password for logging into the system, where you can:

★ View your individual calendar of lessons or music therapy sessions
★ Cancel or reschedule lessons/sessions as needed
★ Keep track of practice time
★ View past payments
★ Make online payments
★ Access files I provide

In order to fully understand the capabilities of the system and how you can use it, please take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial below:

Thank you all so much for your understanding as I implement this new system. It may sound overwhelming at first, but rest assured that it will allow for a much more organized studio, resulting in higher quality services for all students.

Click here to log into your account.