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Now through February 12, get both our Songs for Movement Props and Counting Through the Seasons songbooks for just $22. That is $9 off the regular price for both!

This bundle comes with mp3s, chords, lyrics, and additional goodies for 20 songs you can learn quickly and start using in your classes, groups, and music therapy sessions.



Look around our studio and you’ll see just how much we love our Bear Paw Creek movement props. There are stretchy bands hanging on the wall, balloon balls on our shelves, drawstring bags full of scarves, and bins brimming with beanbags.

But it’s not just us who loves them; it’s also our students, clients, and their families. The songs in this songbook are staples in our sessions, groups, and classes, and we hope they’ll become staples for you, as well.

Songs for Movement Props is made up of 4 sections, one for each of the different movement props for which the songs were written. Refer to the description page at the beginning of each section for implementation ideas, or feel free to come up with your own!

Songs include:

  • “Stretch in the Morning”
  • “In a Circle”
  • “‘Round the Rainbow”
  • “Grow Flower Grow”
  • “Movin’ in the Circle”
  • “I Have a Beanbag”
  • “Beanbag in My Hand”
  • “Bop Bop the Balloon Ball”
  • “I Have a Balloon Ball”
  • “See the Scarf”
  • “Colors of the Rainbow”
  • “We’re Gonna Wave”

This songbook includes not only the lyrics and chords for each song, but also recordings and song directions. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to begin including these songs in your own classes and sessions!

Counting Through the Seasons started with a single song, written for the summer session of our early childhood music class. It was such a hit with our little ones that we continued writing similar songs each session, sticking with the seasonal nature theme.

By the spring, we had created a collection of 8 such songs — two for each season. We figured that since they were such a popular resource in our studio, others might like to utilize them as well.

Songs include:

  • “Five Swirling Snowflakes”
  • “Counting Clouds”
  • “Raindrops in a Row”
  • “Five Flowing Flowers”
  • “Little Red Apples”
  • “Five Leaves Waving”
  • “Five Orange Pumpkins”
  • “Five Tall Trees”

This songbook is truly a multi sensory resource, as it includes not only the sheet music for each song, but also recordings, visual aide templates, and demo videos. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to begin including these songs in your own classes and sessions!


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