Listen & Learn Into Lessons Registration (Single)


Register your child for a 5-week section of Listen & Learn Into Lessons. See below for details about this preparatory music class.



Listen & Learn into Lessons: Pre-Lesson Preparatory Series is a new music class for children ages 4-7, without their parent or caregiver present. Created by our very own certified music teacher Becky Waddell, this curriculum will prepare your child for one-on-one music lessons by teaching the basic and fundamental working knowledge of music. Activities are designed based on specific goals and objectives.

Goals that are addressed include (but are not limited to) competency with ear training, intonation, fine and gross motor movement, creating music, and responding to music.

Each 45-minute class combines structured activities (listening, singing, movement/performing, reading/writing, and composing/improvising) with free time for children to explore the keyboard and other various instruments, as well as interact with one another. Registration includes a binder with all class materials for at-home study and practice, as well as the MP3 recordings for all songs included in the class curriculum.


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