Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mega Bundle


It’s our biggest sale of the year! For just $55, grab 5 of our bestselling resources for music therapists. That’s 33% off the full price, in one convenient bundle. Immediately upon purchase, you’ll receive:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Music Through the Decades
  • Songs for Motor Movement
  • Songs for Movement Props
  • Counting Through the Seasons

Read below for detailed descriptions of each individual product, and then add this bundle to your cart before the sale ends at the end of Cyber Monday, December 2!



Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year and receive access to all 5 of these resources for music therapists. Here is more information about what is included:

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple: 16 Goal-Based Applications for the Instruments & Props You Already Own is a versatile collection that — along with drums, rhythm sticks, scarves and shakers — can be used across settings and populations to achieve a wide range of goals.

Keep It Simple offers 16 applications that you can easily put to use in your own sessions. Each application includes a demonstration video and link to lyrics/chords, along with a detailed facilitation guide outlining the targeted objectives, procedure list, and multiple adaptations.

In addition, there are overviews for each instrument/prop, which include a list of general objectives that can be targeted using those materials, additional intervention ideas, and 10-15 extra songs that pair well with each instrument/prop. We created Spotify playlists for all 4 categories, which are linked in the overviews.

Counting Through the Seasons

Counting Through the Seasons is a multimedia songbook for music therapists, educators and anyone else working on counting skills with children. The songbook features sheet music for 8 nature-based counting songs, which are written for counting to 5. However, they can easily be adapted for counting as high as you’d like!

The songbook also includes a template for visuals to go with each song, two instructional videos, and recordings of all eight songs. Bonus: we’ve added a PDF full of adaptations and additional ideas for utilizing each song!

Songs for Motor Movement

Songs for Motor Movement is a versatile collection of 18 favorite movement songs (including facilitation guides, lyrics/chords, mp3s and demonstration videos) that can be adapted to meet the fine and gross motor needs of children in both individual and group settings.

The songs in this movement pack are perfect for use with a rambunctious preschool music class, an individual with behavioral goals, or a client who is resistant to trying instruments or movement props. They have been compiled to address a variety of needs and ages, including those of an early childhood group, school-aged children with special needs, and more.

Songs for Movement Props

Songs for Movement Props is a songbook for music therapists, educators and anyone else who uses music to help children learn, grow and thrive. The songbook features lead sheets and recordings for 12 songs written for use with movement props (especially those from Bear Paw Creek), and in addition to getting kids moving and grooving, they also address skills such as color identification, taking turns, body and spatial awareness, directions, and many more.

The songbook is made up of 4 sections, one for each of the different movement props for which the songs were written. It includes not only the lyrics and chords for each song, but also recordings and song directions. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to begin including these songs in your own classes and sessions!

Music Through the Decades

Music Through the Decades is an 8-unit resource you can use to introduce your students and/or clients to music spanning from pre-1950 to present day. A total of 80 song titles spanning from pre-1950 to present day are included in this resource. Each group of songs was carefully chosen to encourage engagement and fully represent each decade, while taking into account clients’ music preferences and staff requests/suggestions.

Music Through the Decades contains overviews for all 8 units, categorized by decade, each including: song list with YouTube video links for quick reference, applications for each song with additional adaptation ideas, and a list of alternate song choices. We have also included 2 printable resources for each unit that you can use with your students and/or clients to further build upon the applications we have included in the overviews.

In addition to all of the above, you will also receive 5 original hello songs and 5 original goodbye songs (including mp3s and lyrics/chords) that you can use in your Music Through the Decades sessions.


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