Sign Language & Music: Can’t Help Falling in Love

It was no difficult choice to do this song for our ASL cover. I absolutely love this song because it is cross-generationally appropriate! Because it is an affectionate song about love it is great to use at home and even as a lullaby. The music we choose to surround the children in our lives with is so important. Choosing music from different decades and genres will only enhance and deepen our experience in the world around us and with the people we love.

Sign Language & Music: The Birthday Song

This week we celebrated two birthdays in the office and I celebrated another for one of my clients! It has been a fun week of sweets, bright colored gift bags and much more. It was brought to my attention between celebration that though I knew the birthday song on at least four instruments and in two spoken languages I did not know it in sign language! I was inspired to learn this must have song in sign language and share it with you all!